The Difference is Perfectly Clear

ConoPure paraffinic process oils are produced using an advanced hydrocracking and catalytic dewaxing process that yields extremely pure colorless products, virtually free of aromatics, polar compounds and sulfur. These highly refined oils exhibit properties that are ideal for use as process oils and extenders in rubber, plastics, adhesives and numerous other applications.

ConoPure Advantages as Spray Oils

ConoPure’s hydrocracking process results in highly saturated oils with very high unsulfonated residue values and narrow distillation ranges. This makes ConoPure oils safer for plants. They are ideal for spray oil applications requiring a low toxicity pesticide or a more effective herbicidal adjuvant.

ConoPure Advantages as Food Grade

ConoPure process oils are suitable for a wide range of other applications including use as a component of non-food articles intended for use in contact with food in accordance with FDA regulation 21 CFR178.3620(c).

ConoPure Advantages as Rubber Applications

ConoPure process oils are so completely free of impurities that they are much more resistant than other oils to oxidation and discoloration from heat and light. That means more stable color and longer life for finished EPDM and other rubber products.

ConoPure Advantages as Cosmetics

The purity of ConoPure process oils allow it to be used in many everyday products, including cosmetics, pharma, and baby oil.

Logistics & Support


With over 30 years in the industry and strategically located supply points around the country, our integrated support team is comprised of the best technical engineers in the business, so you can experience superior customer service.

Purity is the Key to ConoPure

The difference is perfectly clear. Choose ConoPure as your sole supplier of process oils.